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Our creative team provides innovative ideas
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6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Social Media Manager

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Social media is a massive part of any company's marketing strategy. A well-managed social media presence can be the difference between being seen or not. Whether you are a small business or a service-providing company, you need some IT support or a media manager to keep your social media presence relevant and showcase your business to the world.
A good social media manager knows how to measure every success and failure. What are the qualities of an excellent social media manager? How do you find one? What questions should you ask to make sure they're the right fit for your brand and budget? These are all questions that we get asked daily.
However, finding a good social media manager is more complicated than you may think it's supposed to be.
But with so many different types of platforms, trends, and strategies to consider, it can be tough to know where to start. That's why we've put together this list of 6 questions you should ask before hiring your new Social Media Manager:
1. Can you do it all yourself?
While hiring a full-time Social Media Manager might not be in your budget, sometimes it is necessary. If so, can they handle all of the work, or will you need to hire someone else to take on some of their tasks?
2. Do you have existing experience in marketing and social media?
Having a Social Media Manager with years of experience is excellent. But at the same time, if they lack in other areas, you might not get your money's worth. Make sure to look for someone who has a good understanding of marketing and branding principles and solid social media management skills.
3. What platforms do you use?
Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest. The list goes on and on. You might need a Social Media Manager for one platform or all of them. A good Social Media Manager should understand the capabilities and restrictions of each platform and what works best for your company in terms of demographics.
4. How much experience do you have with these platforms?
Just because someone has been on Facebook since 2009 doesn't mean they are suitable for the job. A Social Media Manager should already be familiar with the capabilities of each platform they'll be using before you even start working together. Make sure to ask them how much time they spend on each forum and what their content strategy is like.
Search Engine Optimization can be a big player in your social media strategy. A Social Media Manager should be aware of how Google works and use it to your advantage. Not only is this important for increasing web traffic, but it also has an impact on your current search ranking within Google's search engine.
This is the big question every Social Media Manager should answer: how will they use social media to increase company revenue? While this can happen in many different ways, an excellent Social Media Manager should have a solid plan ready for you before you hire them.
Once you have identified the essential qualities of your business, it is much easier to find a social media manager who can help you achieve success. With so many factors to consider, you must take the time and care in hiring a social media manager. An excellent social media manager will meet your needs for this project and help guide future marketing initiatives moving forward.
Keep in mind that if this person does not possess these skills or has an attitude problem, they may be more of a liability than an asset for your company. The only way to know is by asking them the right questions during their interview process.
If you think it's time to overhaul how you're using social media marketing, these six questions are worth considering before hiring someone new.

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