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7 Common Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

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A logo is a graphic mark or symbol that is used to increase a company’s recognition. It is the face of a company. The logo is an important element of branding that can make or ruin a company’s reputation. A well-designed logo leaves a good first impression of a company on the target audience. Not only this, a well-designed logo helps companies build their brand. On the other hand, a poorly designed logo portrays a negative image of a company, and it does not grab the attention of target audience.

Nowadays, companies understand the importance of well-designed logos. Therefore, they hire designers to design good logos for them. It is to be noted that designing a great logo is not a piece of cake. Even expert graphic designers sometimes find it difficult to design effective logos for their clients. We are presenting seven common logo design mistakes; by avoiding these mistakes designers can easily design great logos for their clients.
Too much dependence on logo design trends
While designing logos for clients, designers often rely too much on the latest design trends. This is one of the biggest logo design mistakes. It is to be noted that a good logo is timeless and everlasting. While design trends come and go. You can get inspiration from the latest design tricks and trends, but your logo should not be entirely based on the latest design trends.
Creation of complex design
Designers need to understand that a great logo is simple. A simple logo is memorable and easy to understand. All the famous brands such as Nike, Apple, McDonald's, etc. have a simple logo. When designers add too many colours, multiple typefaces and too many icons in logo then it looks complicated to the audience, and they find it difficult to understand the actual meaning behind the logo. That is why; designers should always design simple logos for their clients so that audience can easily remember and understand it.
Use of multiple typefaces for one logo
Another big mistake is adding multiple typefaces in logo design. A large number of graphic designers think that a logo that uses multiple typefaces looks appealing and attractive. This is not true. The fact is that a logo that has multiple typefaces looks amateurish. Therefore, designers should add one or two typefaces in a logo design.
Use of stock vector graphics in logo
It is to be noted that this mistake is usually made by amateur designers because they are not fully aware of copyright laws. Undoubtedly, Graphic designers can download stock vector images from Vector Stock and other such sites, but if they incorporate these downloaded images in logo design, they can get themselves into trouble.

Designers need to understand that a good logo is unique. They cannot design a unique logo with stock vector images because other designers might have used the same image. Therefore, they should not use stock vector graphics in logos.
Wrong selection of colours
Another common mistake that designers often make is a wrong selection of colours. Designers must understand the actual psychology behind colours. They should select those colours for a logo that goes well with personality and the key message of the brand.
Plagiarism - Copying logos of competitors
This is a horrible mistake. Copying logos of competitors is a bad idea. A great logo is unique and original. Therefore, instead of copying logos of competitors designers should focus on designing an original logo that truly represents a business.
Forgetting to proofread logo design
Designers often forget to proofread their designed logos and in this way leave spelling mistakes in the logo. No matter how much appealing, unique and memorable your designed logo is, it will present a negative image of a company if it has any spelling mistake. Therefore, designers should always proofread their designed logos.

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