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Common Web Design Mistakes That Designers Need To Avoid

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A website is a way to connect with your potential customers on the internet. For successful marketing of your business online, you need to have a well-designed website. The importance of good website design can also be understood from the fact that in today’s digital world people like to see website of a company first before visiting its physical location. If they find it attractive then they go to physical location of the company otherwise they don’t. Apart from this, a well-designed website enhances credibility of your business, helps generate traffic and maximizes customer retention.

It is to be noted that web designers often make mistakes while designing a website and mistakes in website design lead to a website that sucks. A badly designed website lacks professionalism, tends to confuse customers and does not effectively communicate company’s message to the customers. Hence, it results in loss of both customers and revenues.

Web designers should understand that a well-designed website is appealing, accessible and efficient, offering quality content to visitors. They can easily design a good website if they avoid following mistakes.
Poor Navigation
Users love to use user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate. Complicated navigation makes visitors feel confused and frustrated. After landing on your site’s page, if a user does not understand where to go next he will become frustrated and annoyed and will move on to some other website. Therefore, it is said that site navigation should be sensible and easy to understand. For this purpose, add sitemap on your site, include a navigation bar on every web page that will take visitors to other portions of your site easily and avoid using main navigation links in body text.
Poor Readability
In the name of creativity and innovation, designers often compromise readability while readability is an important aspect of website design. If visitors do not understand content written on your website they will not continue to browse your website and will leave quickly. Designers should design an aesthetically beautiful website without hurting readability. Following are issues that cause readability problems.
Problem with Content Structure
The problem with content structure makes it difficult for visitors to find desired content on site and consequently, hurts site’s conversions rates. What they need to do is to place similar content on one page, include introductory content on home page and bold headings and keywords to make them prominent.
Unlimited Use of Colours and Font Styles on Site
Avoid using too many colours and font faces on your web pages otherwise; your web pages will look messy and garish. Don’t use more than three font and colours for one page. If you want visitors to stay on your site, give it clean and consistent look.
Over Stuffed Web Pages
Designers need to understand that if they add too many elements or features on a page then it will make a customer feel confused and he will not understand how to find information he was looking for and ultimately he will leave the site. That is why, there should be enough white space on pages of a site so that they don’t look too busy or confusing for visitors.
Broken Links
Hyperlinks that take visitors to 404 error pages or nowhere really annoy them. Test your site’s links every week to find out any missing link. You should also add contact the webmaster link in footer of your website to help visitors identify any problem with your site.
Website is Not Responsive
Today, a large of number people are using mobiles and tablets to browse the internet. If your website does not have responsive web design it means your site cannot target mobile and tab users.
No Call To Actions on Site
Every website has an objective. If you do not include clear cut call to actions in your site then your site cannot achieve its objective.
Forced Audio and Video Content on Site
People like to absorb content of their choice that is why they often get irritated by video or audio that plays automatically as they visit a site. If it is crucial to have auto-play audio or video on your site then do provide exit or mute option to visitor so that he does not get annoyed by unwanted content.
Problem with Images
Using too many images or low-quality images or heavy images can badly affect your site. Your site will take too much time to load due to use of heavy images while visitors don’t like slow sites. If you use too many images on your site and less text then it will affect your site’s SEO. Apart from this, if you use low quality pictures of your product on your site then visitors will lose interest in your products.
Out Dated, Inaccurate and Irrelevant Information
Make sure that content on your website is accurate, relevant and up to date because, out date, inaccurate and irrelevant content harms credibility of a site.
Forced Registration Process on Site
First provide a preview of the content that visitor is looking for on your site then ask him to fill registration form in order to get full access to that content. Otherwise, if you force a visitor to fill registration form before seeing his desired content on your site; he will feel irritated and thus will leave your website.
Forget to Test Website on All Devices before Going Live
Before making a website live web designers must test it on all popular devices such as mobile, laptops, PC, Tab , etc to make sure that it performs well on all of them.

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