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Our creative team provides innovative ideas
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Effective Tips To Create Viral Video For Your Brand

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Viral video is a video that is seen and shared by millions of people around the world. A viral video is highly effective in rapidly spreading a brand’s message to its customers. It is really helpful in driving traffic to the website of your brand and can convert visitors to the customer. That is why; brands are focusing on producing viral videos to not only successfully promote their products or services but also to give their business a rapid boost.

Every day thousands of videos are being uploaded by brands, but not every video goes viral. Only a few videos go viral and others completely fail to impress people. The question is; how to create a viral video of your brand? It is to be noted that producing a viral video is not a piece of cake and there are no hard and fast rules to create a video that goes viral. However, you can use the following smart tips and tactics to produce a successful viral video.
Video Should Be Short
It is hard to keep interested in viewers in a video for many minutes. Research has shown that many viral videos were off 3 minutes. That is why; you should keep your brand’s video short. Apart from this, in your video place most important and interesting information at the start of the video so that if someone does not have enough time to watch your video he/she does not miss the actual message that you tried to convey through the video.
Video Should Stimulate Emotions Of Viewers
It is to be noted that there is a common element that is found in almost all viral videos and that element is playing with the emotions of the viewer. You might have noticed that some highly shared video evoke sad emotions in viewers while others evoke happy emotions in viewers. In the Journal of Marketing Research, Jonah Berger and Katherine L. Milkman have stated that positive content is shared more than negative content and a content that makes people happy gets more viral than the one that makes people sad. Therefore, if you want your video to go viral then produce a video that makes people happy.
Video Should Not Be Boring
Your video should be full of fun and entertainment because people are not interested in anything that is dull and boring. People want to laugh. They want entertainment. They want to get rid of stress and feel lighter. You might have noticed that people share more and more stories that are humorous and funny. For making your video viral, add great humour in your video that makes people laugh and also compel them to share that video with their friends.
Select A Trending Topic For Your Video
Try to find out what is trending and hot in the world. This can be anything such as elections in the US, Olympics games event, the release of Hollywood movie, etc. while choosing a topic for your video, keep in mind that target audience of your video should be highly interested in the topic. If something is trending in the world like presidential elections in the US but your target audience is not much interested in the topic that never makes it the topic of your video because people will not share it if they are not interested in this topic. Besides this, you should use language in the video that your target audience uses for communication.
Engage With Audience In Video
Customers have many questions related to a brand and they love to be heard. Many brands have uploaded videos on social media that answer questions raised by their customers related to products or services. Question answer videos are highly engaging and we know that engaging videos have high chances of going viral.
Video Content Should Be Interesting & Informative
People want to learn things that they don’t know about. That is why; a video whose content is both interesting and informative is highly shared by people. Your video must educate your target audience. For example, you can produce a “how to do “video to educate something to your target audience.
Tell An Inspiring Story Through Your Video
People love to read inspiring stories. More a story is inspiring more and more it is shared by people. You can produce a viral video by adding some inspirational story in it.

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