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Essential Elements Of A Great UX Design

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Elements of a Great UX Design

UX or user experience design is the design process that makes a product - whether physical or digital - relevant, interesting, user-friendly, and fun to use. It is about how well a website works and how pleasant and memorable an experience it is for a visitor or user. UX design relies on visual design, information architecture, and usability to ensure satisfactory user-product interaction.

Over the years, UX design has developed significantly, incorporating new concepts and techniques. This is inevitable because technology, products, and consumers continually evolve.

UX designers do more than just follow web design trends, though. They study their market and spend time observing their customers. They do not just listen to what their consumers say; more than anything else, they take note of everything that their customers do, particularly when visiting the website.

Which pages did they spend most of their time on? Which content did they like best? What information are they most interested in? How long did they stay? Did they go through all the webpages, or did they leave after only a few minutes (or seconds)?

What do customers not like about a website? Pages that open too slowly. Content that doesn’t make sense and is scattered everywhere. Text that is difficult to read. Graphic elements that are irrelevant and too blurry.

UX designers need to focus on strategies and techniques if they want websites that resonate with their customers. Several elements are essential for creating a site that ensures consumers a relevant and meaningful experience. There may be newer techniques, but these are the basic, time-tested ones any designer should keep in mind.

Information Architecture

Well-organized UX design scores high in usability. It also makes websites easier to find.

Visual Design

Anything that attracts attention deserves more than just a glance. Aesthetic elements are not the only things that can increase user engagement, but a visually appealing website does contribute to a relevant and meaningful experience.


The most customer-usable websites are the ones that are simple enough for anyone to use - even those who haven’t had much technical experience. A highly functional site ranks high on the usability scale.


Designers should be able to clearly visualize how functional a website is and what it will look like.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is all about creating a design that will allow users or visitors to fulfill their goals in the most convenient and engaging way possible.

User Research

Understanding customers; their behavior, preferences, and goals is a significant factor in determining how a website should engage and keep customers.

Focusing on the foundational elements of a good and effective UX design is essential in creating a site that not only works but works well. Here is a simple but detailed infographic that illustrates these elements.
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