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How to Easily Write an Effective Flyer Copy by Yourself

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A flyer is form of outdoor advertising which is typically distributed in public places to promote an event, product or service. A well written and beautifully designed flyer is a great source of effectively presenting your company’s message to your target market.

Images are an important part of flyer but the most important element of a flyer is its copy (text) .Writing an effective flyer copy is crucial if you really want to persuade people to buy your product or service. If you cannot afford to hire a professional copy righter for your flyer, don’t worry. This blog can really help you write an effective flyer copy easily by yourself. Follow the tips discussed below.
1. Carry out research related to your products or services
Try to find out what makes your products or services stand out from your competitors. Joint down points related to the benefits of your product or services.
2. Carry out research related to your target audience (TA)
You cannot write an effective flyer copy unless and until you know who is it for? You must also understand your target audience’s demographics such as age, gender, income, education, area, etc and psychographics such as opinion, interests, needs and attitude. According to David Ogilvy, the father of advertising,” Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals”.
3. Write a headline that can immediately capture attention of TA
Undoubtedly, headline is the most significant part of a flyer. If your headline does not capture attention of TA then they will not be interested to find out what more it has to say. That is why while writing content for the flyer you should focus more on writing the most persuasive and interesting headline. For writing an interesting headline you can use following tactics:
  • Place biggest benefit of your products or services in headline.
  • Mention a compelling offer in the headline such get a 1 hour Karma Head massage and get 30 mins Hot Stone massage for free.
  • Use headline templates that are based on successful headline formats.
  • 4. Write a body copy based on benefits of your products or services
    In body copy include what are problems of customers that they want to solve? How your products or services can solve those problems? Why customers should buy your products or services? And what are customers reservations related to your products or services?. It is not a good idea to simply mention features of your products or services rather your focus should be on benefits of your products or services, customer reservations and customer needs directly in your body copy. Other than this, you should not make use of industry related jargon's in flyer copy because a layman cannot understand industry related jargon's. Use the word ‘you’ for the customers. When you will use the word ‘you’ in your flyer, your clients will feel as you are directing talking to them. Keep your flyer copy short and easy to digest. Try to explain your company’s message in as few words as possible.
    5. Include call to action in your flyer
    You must tell an interested customer what he/she should do to buy your product or service. You can ask them to call you or visit your office or email you or visit your website. What you have to do is to mention your call to action on prominent and noticeable place in your flyer.
    6. Include testimonials
    Include a credible testimonial from a happy client in your flyer to persuade other people to buy your products or services. Use a short testimonial which clearly expresses qualities of your products or services.
    7. Mention your company’s discounts or offers on a prominent place in flyer
    8. Include an offer with time limit in your flyer to arouse customers’ interest
    In your flyer, when you tell your customers that an offer is only valid till a specific time limit it boosts their interest in your products or services. So it is a great idea to add time limit with an offer in your flyer.
    9. Proofread your flyer copy many times
    Try to proofread your flyer copy several times because grammatical and spellings errors in your flyer copy leave bad impression on the customers. It may be possible that due to spelling and grammatical mistakes they stop reading your flyer and throw it in the bin.

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