Our creative team provides innovative ideas
Our creative team provides innovative ideas
Our creative team provides innovative ideas

Qualities of a Great Logo

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A logo is the identity of any organization. It can be a symbol or graphic icon or name of the company or combination of these. A great logo builds up image of the brand. For designing a great logo, one must understand what makes a great logo. Read the information given below to know characteristics of a great logo.
A perfect logo is simple. People can easily understand, recognize and describe it. It is not too detailed and does not use plenty of colours. For example, MacDonald’s logo. Targeted A best designed logo is highly targeted. It is designed keeping in view the customers. It directly connects with the customers. For example, Mother Care logo.
A great logo is memorable. It leaves lasting impression on people. A logo should be designed in a way that a person who only sees it once will be able to immediately recall it. For example, Apple logo.
A great logo is timeless. Design a logo that does not become outdated after a certain period of time. Make it evergreen so that it remains relevant for your brand for years and years. For example, Coca Cola logo.
A great logo is visually appealing and eye catchy. It grabs attentions of target audience and inspire them too .For example, Gloria Jean’s Coffees logo.
The best designed logos are versatile .It means it can be easily used in different mediums such as web, print, video, billboards, etc without losing its impact and effectives. For example, WWF logo.
Great logos are unique. A copied logo can never be successful and unique .So, don’t copy your competitor’s logo and try to design a logo that stands apart from other logos. For example, KFC logo.
Consist of meaningful colours
We know different colours have different impact on people and every colour is associated with something. Therefore, your company logo should consist of colours that are in accordance with your company’s message. For example, green colour is associated with environment. Greenpeace is an organization for environmental protection and its logo uses green colour.

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