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Our creative team provides innovative ideas
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Top Onsite and Offsite SEO Techniques to Boost Your Site’s Ranking

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In this digital world, where tons of information is available with single click on search engine, no company or business can have successful web presence without Search Engine Optimization. Just having a website on internet is not enough for search engine to find you; your website needs to be optimized so that it ranks higher in search engines which will result in increased web traffic.

Let me give you bird’s eye view of how search engine works? When one searches something in search engine it goes through its trillion of information, find results that are most relevant to asked information and ranks the found web pages on the basis of popularity of website. Search engines use algorithms to check relevancy and popularity of web pages. There will be thousands of companies offering services or products similar to yours on internet, if your website is not search engine optimized it will lost in the web world.

If you want to boot your website’s ranking then first of all analyze your website to know strength and weaknesses of its present web visibility by using Screaming Frog, SEO Spider Tool, Crawler Software and Google Page Speed Insights. Then do keywords research by asking your current customers what keywords they use in search engine to search services you are providing, by making a list of keywords that describe your business well and by finding keywords that competitors use . After that search all the collected keywords in Google Adwords keyword research tool to see how they will perform. It is better to go for long tail keywords that target specific audience. Now apply following top on-site and off-site SEO techniques:
Top On-site SEO Techniques
Whatever is done on your website to improve web traffic and ranking comes under onsite SEO technique. Onsite SEO techniques include:
Content Optimization
For optimizing your site’s content, hire professional SEO copywriter to write keyword rich unique and interesting content and the one which is easy to understand for search engines. If you are writing your site content then frequently use keywords in the website content to reach the goal of higher ranking. Specific keywords are written in specific spots of pages of the website which search engine considers important such as page mane, title, URL, description and page body copy. We use keywords in page name, title, URL, page body copy and description so that when a searcher searches these keywords in Google or other search engine it shows up our website in top search results.
Broken Link Checks
Broken link cause damage to website ranking in search engines and also to site traffic that is why try to find URLs of your website that don’t work and fix those links.
Blogs & Articles Writing
Update your website continuously so that search engine values your website. Article writing and blogging are the best practices to update the content. Adding blogs post in your website means creating a new webpage. Search engine checks your new webpage to know your fresh content. You should also write high quality and keyword focused articles and add them on your site. People like to read quality articles and share it with others.
Site Speed Improvement
Site speed means how much time pages of the website are taking to load? It is crucial for higher ranking and website traffic. Minify CSS, minify HTML and optimize images for increasing site speed. You can use Google Page Speed Insight, webpagetest .org, gtmatrix.com and many others to monitor and make improvement in your website speed.
Top Off- Site SEO Techniques
Offsite SEO techniques include everything that is going on internet other than your own website to boot website traffic. Offsite SEO techniques:
Link Building
Back links that point to your website are crucial for achieving high raking in search engines. To improve ranking and traffic of your site link it with a number of quality websites [ high ranking websites ] whose content is relevant to your site.
Blog Creation & Writing
Blogs are considered as important way to drive traffic to a website. Write and create blogs. Comment on blogs written by others related to your industry. Post blogs on famous blogs like bloggers, wordpress blog, weebly, etc. Link blogs added in your website to social media sites so that audience using social media get to know about you and if they find blog interesting share it with others and visit our your website too.

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